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Cindy Siegel Announces Re-Election Bid for Harris County GOP Chair


Today, Cindy Siegel proudly declared her candidacy for re-election as Chair of the Harris County Republican Party after a historic three-year tenure of dedicated service to the Republican Party.

Upon assuming the role of Chairman, Siegel inherited a Party grappling with financial insolvency and internal discord. With a bleak picture for the Party’s future, Chairman Siegel transformed their trajectory through her adept fundraising strategies and relationship-building skills. In a mere three years, she successfully transformed the organization from a seemingly irreparable state into an operation that surpassed the expectations of those who observed its previous challenges.

“I consider it a privilege to serve the Harris County GOP,” said Siegel. “While we have accomplished significant milestones, our work is far from done.”

Under Siegel’s leadership, coupled with the steadfast support of the Harris County GOP and grassroots activists, secured historic victories with the first countywide Republican wins since 2014. Siegel successfully lobbied the Texas Legislature, resulting in the passage of two major election integrity bills, eliminating the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office and restoring power to duly elected Harris County Clerk and Tax Assessor-Collector.

“We win next year and plant the seeds of success for future generations by not only mobilizing voters to elect conservative Republicans but by continuing our outreach efforts to grow our party,” said Siegel. “Now, more than ever, we must unite as Republicans to safeguard our families, our communities, and the integrity of our election process. Harris County is a key stronghold in maintaining Texas’s red status, and under my leadership, we will keep it that way.”

Prior to successfully leading as the Republican Party Chairman for the third largest county in the country, Cindy Siegel served as the Mayor of the City of Bellaire for eight years. As she embarks on this re-election journey, Siegel invites fellow Republicans to stand with her, ensuring a robust future for Harris County.

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