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leadership with results

  • Harris County GOP won the first countywide judicial seats in 2022 (the first countywide seats won since 2014).

  • Republican voter turnout in 2022 increased by over 130,000 votes, helping our Appellate judges win re-election.

  • Increased conservative representation on local school boards, city councils and mud boards through endorsing Republican candidates in non-partisan races, resulting in 75% win rate

  • Harris County GOP aggressively pursued increased election integrity through litigation and legislative efforts, resulting in: Election Administrator resigning after 2022 Primary, new legislation, eliminating the Democrat appointed Election and  Administrator office, and returning elections to the dully elected Harris County County Clerk and County Tax Assessor.

  • Increased the number of Republican Precinct Chairs to over 550 - the highest number Harris County GOP has ever had

  • Implemented the Adopt-A-Precinct Chair program to help recruit new precinct chairs

  • Started Leaders on the Rise - activist group targeting young Republicans from ages 25-45 years old.

  • Started a weekly podcast targeting Republicans and conservative Independents called "Leaders on the Right" 

  • Hired an Outreach Director to coordinate efforts of various Republican groups, expand the party to groups not traditionally viewed as Republicans, and implement a voter registration program

  • The November 2022 general election Republican candidates and recent 2023 non-partisan races were the most ethnically diverse slate of candidates that the party has had in recent years.

  • Restored the financial stability of the party, breaking records by raising over $1 million at the 2023 Lincoln Reagan Dinner

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